About our PPG

We are a group of patients that usually meet together every couple of months to act as representatives for the patients at the practice. You are given the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest within the practice to make sure you get the best possible health care.

Our Aim

  • To encourage patients to engage in their own healthcare with the means to make positive suggestions about the practice and the healthcare service delivered.

Our Objectives

  • To have knowledge on issues that impact on health
  • Sharing experience & feeding back
  • Identifying areas with scope for improvement
  • Highlighting excellence
  • Supporting change
  • Bringing peers together for mutual encouragement
  • Linking into the community

How do I get involved?

If you would like to help our PPG improve your practice please leave your contact details with any of our receptionists and the Practice Manager will contact you with the date and time of our next meeting. You can also fill out an online form here.


 Please note the PPG is not able to deal with complaints or individual medical problems. If you have a complaint please ask to speak to the Practice Manager.

Date published: 11th May, 2020
Date last updated: 19th October, 2023