Your GP has arranged a referral for you to be seen at the hospital by a Specialist. This is to investigate your symptoms further and to advise regarding possible treatment and future management.

Your GP/GPs Secretary will make the referral for you and this will be posted out to you with all the relevant details you will need.

Some hospital services are busier than others therefore appointments cannot always be booked at the time of referral and in this instance your name will be either :-

  1. Placed on a waiting list.
  2. Sent through to the service required for triage.


*You will be asked to telephone the hospital/Access the internet to request your appointment.

All referrals are prioritised according to medical need which can make a significant difference on waiting times.

Chasing things up

If you have not heard from the hospital regarding an appointment within the timescale specified on your referral print out please contact the relevant department via the telephone number provided and the booking team will update you with your position on the waiting list.

When to contact your GP

Should your symptoms become worse whilst awaiting your outpatient appointment please inform your GP otherwise we would ask that you wait to hear from the hospital. 

Date published: 19th October, 2023
Date last updated: 19th October, 2023